McCullough v. Maximum Title Loans LLC (2:19-cv-00717)

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District Court, D. Arizona

Final Updated: April 8, 2020, 3:27 p.m. MST

Date Filed: Feb. 4, 2019

Date of Last Known Filing: March 11, 2020

Jurisdiction Type: Federal Matter

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COMPLAINT. Filing cost received: $ 400.00, receipt quantity 0970-16489799 filed by Sean McCullough. (Volheim, Nathan) (Accessories: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(MCO) (Entered: 02/04/2019)

Civil Cover Sheet

SUMMONS Submitted by Sean McCullough. (Volheim, Nathan) (MCO) (Entered: 02/04/2019)

Filing fee paid, receipt number 0970-16489799. This instance happens to be assigned into the Honorable John J Tuchi. All future pleadings or papers should bear the proper situation number: CV-19-717-PHX-JJT. Notice of Availability of Magistrate Judge to work out Jurisdiction form attached. (MCO) (Entered: 02/04/2019)

New Case Opened

NOTICE TOWARDS THE EVENTS – The Court is playing the required Initial Discovery Pilot (MIDP) and also this instance is at the mercy of that pilot. The main element features and due dates are established in the connected Notice which include General Order 17-08. Also connected is a list to be used because of the visit the website parties. All events must react to the required discovery that is initial established within the General Order before starting any more development in this situation. Take note: The finding responsibilities within the General Order supersede the disclosures required by Rule 26(a)(1). Any celebration searching for affirmative relief must provide a duplicate associated with connected documents (Notice to Parties, including General purchase 17-08 and MIDP list) for each new celebration if the problem, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, or Third-Party Complaint is offered. (MCO) (Entered: 02/04/2019)

Notice re Mandatory Initial Discovery Pilot (MIDP)

Summons Issued as to Optimum Title Loans LLC. (MCO). *** SIGNIFICANT: When printing the summons, choose „Document and stamps“ or „Document and feedback“ for the seal to look in the document. (Entered: 02/04/2019)

NOTICE TO FILER OF DEFICIENCY re: 1 problem filed by Sean McCullough. Document maybe maybe not in conformity with LRCiv 7.1(a)(3) – Party names needs to be capitalized using appropriate top and reduced instance kind. No further action is needed. This really is a TEXT ENTRY ONLY. There’s absolutely no PDF document connected with this entry. (MCO) (Entered: 02/04/2019)

Notice of Deficiency (Text Just)

PURCHASE: IT REALLY IS ORDERED that motions to dismiss pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b) and motions to hit pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(f) are discouraged in the event that problem that might be the topic of the motion may be healed by filing an amended pleading. IT REALLY IS FURTHER ORDERED that Plaintiff shall provide a duplicate with this Order on Defendants. (See attached purchase). Finalized by Judge John J Tuchi on 2/5/19. (JAMA) (Entered: 02/05/2019)

PURCHASE: IT REALLY IS HEREBY ORDERED directing the Clerk of Court to end any or allDefendants in this matter, without further notice, which have maybe not been offered within the timerequired by Fed. R. Civ. P. M that is 4( may 7, 2019. (See attached purchase). Finalized by Judge John J Tuchi on 2/5/19. (JAMA) (Entered: 02/05/2019)

SERVICE EXECUTED filed by Sean McCullough: Affidavit of Service re: Complaint, Summons, Notice of Mandatory Initial Discovery Project and Order joined on. (Volheim, Nathan) (Entered: 02/11/2019)

Remark: Pro hac vice motion given for Nathan Volheim on behalf of plaintiff. This is certainly a TEXT ENTRY JUST. There is absolutely no PDF document connected with this entry. (BAS)

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